Developmental Editor

Words. Words. I play with words, hoping that some combination, even a chance combination, will say what I want” Doris Lessing

What is a Developmental Editor?

A developmental editor is someone who can help bring deep gold of your manuscript to the surface.

When you’ve completed a first or second draft of your manuscript having a developmental editor look over it can be enormously useful in helping to shape your work.

Developmental editing involves an in-depth reading of a manuscript to identify: Plot holes, gaps in the structure, issues with characterisation, areas where your work would benefit from more or less attention. A developmental edit will also look at phrasing, tone, style, types of words used.

“Rebecca was key to the success of my book. Both the writing process and the subsequent success in terms of sales.

We worked together carefully planning out the whole book process, meeting up on Zoom every few weeks to check-in. I found her coaching style motivating and supportive.

Submitting my first draft to Rebecca was scary (the first time anyone had read my work!) but she quickly reverted back with feedback and so much guidance on ‘my story’, writing styles and ways to improve.

My book is unmeasurably better after Rebecca’s coaching, guidance and editing. I chose to self-publish my book, another decision Rebecca helped with, and it has sold incredibly well with many positive reviews.”

Lynn Beattie, author of The Money Guide to Transform Your Life and founder of Mrs Mummypenny

Developmental editing happens at least a draft before copy-editing or proofreading takes place.

If you have a manuscript you’d like me to look over then please do get in touch with me

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